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KMTH’s My Shopping List takes over from you the hassle of preparing a shopping list every month, month after month, for almost the same items, e. g., “Basmati Rice –5 kg, Dal Arhar -  2 kg, Mawana sugar – 4 kg, Surf Excel – 1 kg, Sundrop cooking oil- 5 kg,  Nature fresh atta 10 kg,……….. and so on”. The list might be 50 items long and every time (month) you have to sit down to rack your brains to ensure that the list is complete and nothing left.

Henceforth KMTH will keep your shopping list in its own custody and present it to you whenever you want to order your items.

You can have any number of shopping lists and call them by different names.

Of course the first time you will have to prepare a My Shopping List for yourself, going through ordering all the items, give it a name, like “Monthlygroceries” or “Savita1” or any fancy name, and then complete the order. The list will be kept for future reference.

The shopping list will have the item code, item name, date ordered last, quantity ordered last and the current price. You can modify the quantity, add new items and delete items if the list has become too long and there are items you do not regularly purchase.

You may even just prepare a shopping list, without ordering, and keep it for future updating and ordering.

To help you further we have placed a sample My Shopping List which you can modify to your needs and give your own name.

So, go ahead login and create the first shopping list right now.
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